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American Academy of Pediatrics and American Heart Association; Editor: Gary M. Weiner, MD, FAAP; Associate editor: Jeanette Zaichkin, RN, MN, NNP-BC

The NRP, 8th Edition, introduces a new educational methodology to better meet the needs of health care professionals who manage the newly born baby.

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Coming Soon! 2022 Frontlist eBook Collection

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News & Updates

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Just released! Mental Health Strategies for Pediatric Care
This guide helps primary care pediatricians, family doctors, nurse practitioners, and other professionals identify, treat, and prevent mental health problems as well as promote good mental health in their patients.

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COVID-19 Resources

AAP's Critical Updates on COVID-19 is where you can find the latest clinical guidance, including vaccine policy, interim guidance, help for pediatric practices, advocacy resources, a discussion board, and more. The page is updated daily.

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