Source:Becker DA, Fennell EB, Carney PR. Daytime behavior and sleep disturbance in childhood epilepsy.
Epilepsy Behav

Investigators at the University of Florida, Gainesville, evaluated daytime behavior and sleep disturbance in 30 children with epilepsy, mean age 10.3 ± 2.1 years, using parent-rating questionnaires, child symptom self-report measures and overnight polysomnograms. Complex partial seizures were present in 43% and generalized epilepsy in 57% of children. Sixty percent of children were seizure-free during the 56-day test period, 83% were on anticonvulsant medications, and 20% were also taking methylphenidate. Abnormal sleep architecture, breathing abnormalities, and excessive daytime sleepiness were frequently encountered, and 24 (80%) patients demonstrated obstructive hypopneas or apneas with associated sleep disruption during the overnight polysomnogram. Parents’ reports indicated significant problems with inattention/hyperactivity in children with epilepsy. Behavioral problems were related to concomitant sleep disturbance and not to the severity or type of...

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