Ballots for the election to choose the Academy's 1985-86 vice president/president-elect will be mailed to all voting Fellows April 1.

This month the two candidates slated by the national Nominating Committee, Warren Bosley, M.D., Grand Island, Neb., and William C. Montgomery, M.D., Detroit, tell why they feel qualified to be vice president and president of the Academy.

Warren Bosley, M.D.

In the past eight years, I have had the privilege of serving the Academy as a member and chairman of the Council on Pediatric Practice and as chairman of the Committee on Third Party Programs (now the Committee on Child Health Financing); the Task Force on the Value of Preventive Child Health Care; and the Task Force on Medical Liability. I currently am chairman of the Provisional Committee on Medical Liability. I also participated in the Chapter Chairman's Forum from its inception, serving three years on the Chapter Chairmen's Committee (CCC) and as chairman of the CCC in 1983.

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