In response to Dr. Jeffrey Penso's article ("Academy should assume nonpartisan stance," February 1995 AAP News) I, for one, as well as many others, was pleased and in agreement with the position that the American Academy of Pediatrics took related to the Clinton health plan. Although not ideal, it was a step in the right direction to make health care accessible to 35 million uninsured Americans, of whom 12 million are children.

President and Mrs. Clinton were sincere in their efforts, and labored long and hard, realizing that the status quo was unacceptable and a change was necessary. Realizing that health care reform was very complex, they sought advice from 511 experts, analysts and consultants. Unfortunately they excluded primary-care physicians and pediatricians. They were aware of the disturbing picture of the deteriorating health status of children, child-bearing women and adults with chronic disease.

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