We read News Writer Laurie Larson's article on low-iron infant formulas ("Warnings fail to slow low-iron formula sales" March 1995, AAP News) with interest. Mead Johnson shares the AAP's concern about the potential consequences of low-iron intakes during infancy. As the makers of Enfamil Low Iron and Enfamil with Iron formulas, we feel it is important to provide some additional information on low-iron formulas.

Mead Johnson recently increased the amount of iron in Enfamil Low Iron to 4.5 mg/quart. This means that Enfamil Low Iron now provides three to four times more iron than other low-iron formulas. This new iron level still meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Infant Formula Act guidelines for low-iron formulas. It also provides an important alternative for physicians who prefer to recommend a formula with less than 12 mg of iron per quart. We found that 50 percent of the pediatricians surveyed at the 1992 AAP Annual Meeting recommended low-iron formulas for some infants, and 18 percent of all formula recommendations were for low-iron formulas.

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