Whether subtly or aggressively, many pediatricians influence their children's decision to go into pediatrics. Here, four such children share what motivated them to follow in their parents' footsteps.

Love of children

Ellen Rome, M.D., FAAP, can recount numerous stories about her father, the late Leonard P. Rome, M.D., FAAP. The following story was one she shared with close friends and family members at his funeral. service in January.

"One family, friend described visiting his, office for the first time," said Ellen.I"n the waiting room was a 5-year-old girl clutching an envelope. She told our friend that she was inviting Dr. Rome to her party. That simple thought is the kind of true testimony to how Dad touched people."

It was Dr. Rome's love of children and his dedication to his career that influenced Ellen to pursue the pediatric path as well.

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