Dr. Stuart Copperman ("Point of View:Seasoned practitioner sees HMOs as bad medicine for pediatrics," AAP News, February) welcomes feedback from any pediatrician who is not a medical director of an HMO. I qualify — now.

After 12 years of traditional fee-for-service private pediatrics, I joined a prepaid group practice (precursors to HMOs) in 1972. Until retirement a few years ago, I remained involved in HMOs.

Initially, I was a strong proponent for them. As I saw the changes brought about by large insurance companies and as my involvement grew in areas other than health care, my enthusiasm waned, then died. I had enough; no longer could I stomach the work I was doing. Fortunately, I was able to retire. During my growing disenchantment I came to the thoughtful conclusion that we need a change in how we finance health care.

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