William A. Daniel Jr., M.D., FAAP, of Montgomery, Ala., died June 26. He was 84.

Dr. Daniel was a pediatrician in Montgomery from 1942 to 1966. During the polio epidemic in the early 1950s, he donated his services and organized the care of polio victims, which included operating nine iron lung machines. He also served aboard the Hope hospital ship in Ecuador and on its board of directors for 10 years.

In 1966, Dr. Daniel became professor of pediatrics at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, where he was, a pioneer in adolescent medicine. He developed a multidisciplinary approach to adolescent care, bringing physicians, nurses, nutritionists and psychologists together to focus on teen-agers' overall health. He also wrote The Adolescent Patient, a widely used textbook. He retired in 1985.

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