When an airplane prepares for takeoff, everything from the coffee pots to the luggage is strapped down or secured. Passengers are as well—except infants, that is. Every day, flights proceed with infants and toddlers riding in an adult's lap.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering regulations to ensure children younger than age 2 are restrained properly during flights.

The Academy outlined its position in written comments to the FAA dated June 17. The comments are consistent with AAP policy on restraining children in motor vehicles, as the AAP Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention still is in the process of drafting an airline safety seat policy statement.

"The Academy agrees that all children should be properly restrained, as appropriate, in a rear-facing or forward-facing CRS (child restraint system) and that the policy of allowing children younger than age 2 to ride in the lap of an adult should be discontinued," AAP President Joseph R. Zanga, M.D., said.

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