Question:Which hepatitis B vaccine code should be used for patients under 20 years of age since the age criteria were eliminated from the 1999 CPT?

Answer: The 1999 CPT codes for patients under 20 years old and not on dialysis are 90744 "Hepatitis B, pediatric or pediatric/adolescent dosage," and 90745 "Hepatitis B, adolescent/high-risk infant dosage." When these code descriptions were rewritten for CPT 1999, there was a dose distinction between low-risk infants/children to 11 years old and high-risk infants of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) positive mothers. Low-risk patients received 2.5 µg of antigen per dose, and high-risk patients received 5 µg of antigen. CPT code 90745 was rewritten to reflect this specific high-risk dose.

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