When a parent is concerned about whether his or her child is ready for kindergarten, under what circumstances might you recommend the youngster wait another year before starting school:

a. The child was born eight weeks prematurely and weighed 3 pounds.

b. The youngster has behavior problems and trouble following directions.

c. The mother was a teen-ager when she gave birth and now raises the child alone.

d. The child has had few opportunities to socialize with others his or her age.

e. All of above.

f. None of above.

If you chose “f,” you would be in the company of many experts on school readiness. While acknowledging the need to consider each child individually, many physicians, researchers and educators generally oppose the practice of holding children out from kindergarten or “redshirting.”

“I would always encourage a parent to keep their child with the child’s age cohort rather than moving...

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