Birch LL, Fisher JO.
Am J Clin Nutr

Mothers who excessively controlled what their young daughters ate to keep their weight in check may have inadvertently hampered their children’s ability to develop self-control of food intake, according to the results of a Pennsylvania study.

Researchers looked at how 156 mothers’ feeding habits affected their 5-year-old daughters’ eating habits and weight.

Investigators used several instruments to measure whether the mothers restricted their own food intake, their perceptions of their daughters’ risk of overweight and how much they restricted what their daughters ate.

Two experiments were conducted to determine how much the daughters ate when their mothers weren’t present.

In the first, the girls were given either a low-energy drink or a high-energy drink on two separate occasions. They ate lunch 20 minutes later. Researchers calculated how much the girls ate for lunch and...

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