After more than 30 years as a practicing pediatrician and advocate for children in California, recently elected AAP Board Member Burton F. Willis (District IX) says he still gets “a big kick” out of going into his Huntington Beach office every day.

Why? “I’m a people-person, and I really enjoy the interaction with the families and the kids,” says the 62-year-old Dr. Willis, who was elected to the AAP Board of Directors in October. “I still get a charge from putting on a Mickey Mouse tie and playing with the kids a little bit as I examine them.”

One of Dr. Willis’ favorite parts of being an older pediatrician is that he starts seeing first-generation — and in some cases, second-generation — families come into his office. “It’s kind of fun to watch these kids you once took care of growing up and having kids of their own,” he adds....

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