New and innovative benefits will be available to members in the coming year, many of which were outlined by AAP Executive Director Joe M. Sanders Jr., M.D., FAAP, in the cover letter accompanying dues invoices for 2002-’03.

These benefits were developed after seeking input from members via needs assessments, focus groups and volunteer work in committees, sections, chapters, task forces and other AAP entities.

Each year, the Academy strives to add value and re-think the delivery of benefits to meet members’ needs. The following represent a cross-section of benefits available to members this year.

Advocacy efforts continue in earnest at every level of the physician-payment system, while updated coding and practice management tools are available to members. The Pediatric Reimbursement Advisory Team has been established to infuse additional innovation and the broadest perspective into the Academy’s strategies for increasing payment to pediatricians (see related story, page 88).


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