Wake M, Hesketh K.

Doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists blamed teething for an array of symptoms, including fever, infections, irritability and sleep problems, despite evidence to the contrary from well-designed prospective studies, according to a survey of 464 Australian child health professionals.

Researchers mailed questionnaires to representative samples of maternal and child health nurses, pharmacists, general practitioners, dentists and pediatricians. The response rate was 85%.

Results showed that professional group, not sex or years since graduation, was a significant indicator of total number of symptoms ascribed to teething. The mean number of symptoms blamed on teething was 2.8 for pediatricians, 4.4 for dentists, 6.5 for general practitioners, 8.4 for pharmacists and 9.8 for nurses.

The percentage of those in each group who reported that teething may cause fever higher than 38 degrees Celsius was 2% of pediatricians, 7% of nurses, 11%...

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