A question-and-answer page and other materials have been posted on the Members Only Channel of the AAP Web site, www.aap.org/moc, to address media questions about the Academy’s support of a ring vaccination strategy for smallpox.

AAP Public Relations also has commissioned stock video footage of children receiving vaccines — known in the TV news business as “b-roll.” Members who are interviewed by TV stations for immunization stories are welcome to refer reporters to PR staff at (800) 433-9016, ext. 7877, if they are interested in using this footage in their stories (with proper credit to the Academy).

Also available on the AAP Web site this month: New Year’s resolutions for kids and tips for parents on how to keep their families healthy in 2003. Members are encouraged to send these tip sheets to media outlets in their area for publication.

The following AAP members spoke with the media in...

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