If you are participating in television interviews on the subject of immunizations, alert the reporter that stock footage of children receiving vaccines from pediatricians is available from AAP Public Relations. TV news producers appreciate when associations provide this footage, called b-roll, since it saves them much time and work.

Now that summer is here, members may get more calls from the media regarding sun exposure. The Academy is participating in a sun safety campaign with the Sun Safety Alliance. If you want to use any of this campaign material, including statistics and studies, in your media interviews, call AAP Public Relations staff at (800) 433-9016, ext. 7877.

The Academy and Pfizer Inc. are working together again this summer on a public education initiative for wound care treatment. The national campaign encourages consumers to “clean, coat and cover” wounds. David Markenson, M.D., FAAP, of the AAP Committee on Pediatric Emergency...

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