Concerns about mosquitoes and West Nile Virus are on the rise. If reporters ask you for the latest AAP recommendations on DEET, you can refer them to these articles in the June AAP News: “Experts Advise Prevention as Best Medicine Against Spread of Disease” and “Follow Safety Precautions When Using DEET on Children” ( Information also is available on the Members Only Channel of the AAP Web site,

Public Relations staff is working to update the media spokesperson database — a list of AAP members who are willing to talk to the media about various topics. If you are interested in becoming an AAP spokesperson, or you want to update your contact information, contact your chapter president or AAP Media Relations Manager Gina Steiner at (800) 433-9016, ext. 7872.

Plans are being finalized for a press room at the 2003 National Conference & Exhibition (NCE)...

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