The Food and Drug Administration has announced the recall of rabies vaccine, IMOVAX Rabies.

The manufacturer, Aventis Pasteur Inc., has received reports that distributed packages are missing the vials of freeze-dried vaccine and contain only the diluent syringe and two needles. Health care providers should check their inventory, regardless of lot number, to confirm inclusion of the vaccine vial. The gray plastic box should include a vial of freeze-dried vaccine, a diluent syringe and two needles.

If necessary, contact the manufacturer for a product return.

The following are the lot numbers and expiration dates of the recalled vaccine packages:

T0863-2    11/2/2003

T0880-2    10/11/2003

T1041-3    10/12/2003

T1099-2    12/12/2003

U0185-2    3/15/2004

U0448-2    4/25/2004

U0511-2    8/21/2004

U0595-2    8/28/2004

U0961-2    8/28/2004

U0971-3    10/23/2004

U1388-2    1/29/2005

W0046-4    2/12/2005

W0136-2    2/20/2005

W0182-6    3/1/2005

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