Four lots of Imovax human rabies vaccine have been recalled by Aventis Pasteur, of Swiftwater, Pa., after noninactivated Pitman-Moore virus (the attenuated vaccine strain) was found in a single product lot. Imovax is an inactivated viral vaccine and should not contain live virus.

The vaccine lot containing noninactivated virus was not distributed. As a precautionary measure, however, Aventis Pasteur is recalling lot numbers X0667-2, X0667-3, W1419-2 and W1419-3, which were produced during the same time period. Health care providers should contact persons who received recalled vaccine to implement recommendations outlined in the April 2 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (

The four lots were distributed in the United States from Sept. 23, 2003, through April 2, 2004. They passed all Food and Drug Administration-approved release tests, including testing to confirm the absence of live virus. Test results suggest that any potential risk to those vaccinated with...

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