AAP members can take advantage of a new member benefit: an e-mail forwarding service.

The Academy is launching the benefit in response to member needs assessments and requests from committees and sections. Many members have commented how nice it would be to have an e-mail home that promoted their AAP membership.

Currently, members can e-mail all AAP staff and volunteer leaders at their AAP e-mail address (the first initial of their first name, their last name @aap.org, e.g., zsmith@aap.org). Now, all members will have this convenience, and there is no charge for the service.

Members who log onto the Members Only Channel of the AAP Web Site (www.aap.org/moc) will be asked via a pop-up box whether they wish to enroll in this new e-mail forwarding service. Members will be asked to enter their name and forwarding e-mail address. It will be the member’s responsibility to keep his or...

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