This is another in a series of AAP News articles that highlights the results of pharmaceutical clinical trials, which will allow pediatricians to practice rational therapeutics.

Ginny was reluctant to undress during her check-up. At age 14, she weighed 180 pounds and was 5-feet-3-inches tall, giving her a body mass index (BMI) of 32 (obese). Looking at her chart, Dr. Smith noted that although Ginny's height had been stable since menarche at age 11, her weight had continued to advance.

“Doctor,” Ginny complained, “I have tried a diet program,and I have been swimming the past year — ½ mile per day. Isn't there anything else I can do?” Ginny's mom confirmed that her daughter had been following a diet and exercise program diligently and had lost 10 pounds in the past three months. However, her weight loss had plateaued recently.

Dr. Smith decided to screen Ginny for type 2 diabetes,...

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