Now that more than 2,700 hospitals, health clinics and practices in urban and rural areas around the country have become Reach Out and Read (ROR) sites,pediatricians may be looking for resources to keep up with the reading frenzy.

ROR's national office has adopted several methods to help sites obtain funding to maintain the program in individual clinics, according to Martha Gershun, Reach Out and Read executive director.

ROR provides free training for all ROR sites and provides contract awards to all eligible ROR sites to help them purchase books.

For new sites, ROR provides 100% of the book funding for the first six months. Continuing sites generally receive 35% of their annual book budget. This amount is based on the average cost of books in the ROR catalog ($2.75). For sites that can manage their book buying even more carefully — taking advantage of bulk offers, publishers' promotions and other...

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