Columbia, S.C.

The AAP National Nominating Committee has named O. Marion Burton, M.D.,FAAP, and Renee R. Jenkins, M.D., FAAP, as candidates for AAP president-elect. Here, each candidate responds to the nominating committee question: “The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is currently developing criteria for health care outcomes improvement linked to pay for quality. As AAP president, what specific criteria would you like to see developed for a pay for quality program applicable to the pediatric population?”

The Institute of Medicine's “Quality Chasm” series (1999-2005)and similar reports focused attention on quality, consistency and safety of medical care. Hospitals responded with platforms for quality improvement and correcting patterns of errors. Momentum is now “downstream” to office practice. Payers are approaching us regarding “value-based purchasing,” pay for quality/performance initiatives based on their data(claims, surveys) related to processes (patient satisfaction, clinical behaviors).

The AAP Steering Committee on Quality Improvement and Management is...

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