A new Web site that critiques health care stories in newspapers, magazines and other media outlets can be used as a resource when you are asked to comment on research studies.

Health News Review, www.healthnewsreview.org,grades articles about medical treatments, procedures, investigational drugs,devices, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and diagnostic and screening tests. A multidisciplinary team representing journalism, medicine, health services, research and public health fields, reviews the coverage for accuracy, balance and completeness. Each news story receives a rating based on how well it meets 10 criteria.

The Academy leads the pack by far in terms of name mention and coverage by major U.S. newspapers and magazines. A recent comparison of the number of times a medical association was mentioned in the media showed the Academy with 1,902 mentions.

National campaigns provide pediatricians with timely opportunities to approach the media. In June they include, Fireworks Safety Month, Home Safety Month, Internet...

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