Many pediatricians who admit to community hospitals are aware of hospitals in their area that have downsized their pediatric units, have closed their pediatric floors or have combined them with adult services.

Pediatricians in academic medical centers, on the other hand, seem to be faced with ever-increasing numbers of patients in their emergency departments and inpatient services.

Concerns about these apparent trends resulted in passage of Chapter Forum(now Annual Leadership Forum) resolutions in 2002 and 2003 that called for an investigation into pediatric hospital utilization. This article reports on one of the initial studies from that investigation.

AAP Periodic Survey of Fellows #62 was sent to a random sample of 2,088 non-retired AAP members in the United States during late 2003 and early 2004. Some 1,017 responses were received, for a 48.7% response rate. The survey directed one set of questions to office- or clinic-based pediatricians who admit patients to...

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