Three proposed solutions on how to fix the nation's broken vaccine financing and delivery system have been developed by a diverse group of leaders at the ground-breaking AAP-AMA Immunization Congress.

More than 120 participants representing medical and public health societies, government, insurers and drug manufacturers discussed ways to reform what they called a “crisis” in the system.

Organizers and participants were enthusiastic about the outcomes of the meeting held Feb. 27-March 1 in Chicago.

“We've identified strategies that will bring benefits to pediatricians in a reasonably short time,” said Jon R. Almquist, M.D.,FAAP, past chair of AAP District VIII and chair of the AAP Task Force on Immunization.

Addressing pediatric, adolescent and adult immunization issues, the Congress marked a rare occasion when a group representing all stakeholders gathered to address common concerns. The underlying goals were to identify and prioritize key problems in the immunization delivery system and begin to...

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