Over the past several years, AAP chapters seeking to increase Medicaid payment to physicians often received the same state response, “We just don't have the money.”

States slashed budgets during a multiyear fiscal crisis that affected almost every state in the nation. Now that states have returned to fiscal health, AAP chapters are reviving campaigns to change Medicaid payment policy for the better. The efforts of Kentucky and Washington are examples of how pediatric work is paying off.

In Kentucky, pediatrician leaders within Medicaid worked for change. Tom Badgett, M.D., FAAP, serves as chief medical officer for the state's Medicaid program and has been an active member of the Kentucky Pediatric Society for many years, including a term as chapter president. Harold Harrison, M.D., a retired pediatric nephrologist, serves as medical director of Kentucky Medicaid. They have cared for countless children enrolled in Medicaid during more than 20 years of...

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