Whatever winter has in store for us, the Academy has some tips on how to keep children safe and warm. Check out the AAP Winter Safety Tips in English and Spanish at www.aap.org. Click on Press Room and Seasonal Safety Tips. Topics include what to wear for winter sports and outdoor activities, and how to avoid colds and the flu.

National campaigns addressing children's health provide opportunities to approach the media: Cervical Health Awareness Month: www.nccc-online.org/awareness.html

National Birth Defects Prevention Month: www.marchofdimes.com

Charles Barone II, M.D., FAAP, Detroit Free Press, elected as president of the AAP Michigan Chapter.

Nathan J. Blum, M.D., FAAP, Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia),punishing children by spanking them.

Joseph A. Bocchini Jr., M.D., FAAP, Kalamazoo (Michigan) Gazette,best time to vaccinate adolescents against cervical cancer.

William L. Coleman, M.D., FAAP, Washington Post, can kids outgrow symptoms of ADHD?

Denise M. Dowd, M.D.,...

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