Life is challenging for many new mothers, according to New Mothers Speak Out, a report of highlights from three national surveys.

The report from Childbirth Connection offers insight into experiences of U.S. mothers with young children based on the 2002 Listening to Mothers I survey, the 2005 Listening to Mothers II survey and a 2006 follow-up survey about women’s postpartum experiences.

Women experienced new physical and emotional problems following technology-intensive births with high rates of surgery and other interventions; struggled to get exercise and rest, eat a healthy diet and manage stress; did not return to their pre-pregnancy weight; got limited support from husbands/partners and others; were unable to start or continue breastfeeding as they wanted; did not have maternity benefits equal to women in other affluent countries; and returned to employment sooner than desired due to financial need.

Also included are results from two validated postpartum depression screening tools...

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