The AAP Section on Home Care (SOHCa) views parents and families as vital to managing a child with special health care needs, especially when complex care is carried out in the home.

SOHCa also feels that insights from parents will make its work more effective and relevant. Therefore, SOHCa created a parent adviser position six years ago. Denise Callarman, the mother of three adopted children (Taylor, Jacob and Jeremy), was chosen to take on the adviser role.

While caring for her son Jacob, a twin who was born medically fragile, Callarman recognized tremendous gaps between hospital and home care. In 1992, she co-founded CoACH Care Center with parent partner Leann Lazzari. The center offers transition services and respite care for medically fragile children.

Today, Jacob is 19 years old. Callarman continues to share her expertise as chief executive officer of Patient Perspectives Inc., which specializes in patient- and family-centered care,...

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