This letter, perhaps, should rather have been sent to Drs. Mack and Greens her and not the AAP News editor, but it was in the March 1987 AAP News "Health Alert" and "Commentary" that the information I'm concerned about was carried.

Finally, for me it is "just too much"; my priorities lead me elsewhere. I refer to concerns voiced about "dangerous" toys and especially about my favrorite object, the pacifier, which is now labelled as possibly "dangerous", without which the psyche of many mothers, if not their infants, might be scarred forever!

I would tease, rather pointedly I might add, that it won't be long before we will be reading in "Health Alert" that all older siblings should wear smooth non-removable leather mittens when around their younger defenseless infant siblings so they can't poke their baby's eyes with their fingers or with some sharp object (which, with such mittens, they wouldn't be able to hold on to). Or even that older siblings are dangerous. Or the old fashioned Raggedy Ann or Andy dolls with their "dangerous" shoe button eyes. Or soon, besides the crash proof infant car seats, we will recommend helmets to protect against loose flying objects in a car crash.

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