Traumatic injuries to permanent teeth are among the most serious of dental conditions, and most data document an increase in injuries to teeth in recent years.

Prevention and treatment advice to parents and team coaches is straightforward and easy to remember.

Immediately replant the tooth into the socket and then locate a dentist to stabilize the tooth and provide any necessary pulp (nerve) therapy.

If the tooth was out of the mouth longer than 60 minutes or if the root of the tooth was dry when replanted, the prognosis for long-term survival is poor. There is considerable risk for pulp necrosis, root resorption, ankylosis and subsequent infraocclusion (the tooth appears not fully erupted) during adolescent growth. A retainer with a replacement tooth attached may be indicated until the child is older and can be evaluated for more definitive treatment such as a dental implant.

Reposition the tooth immediately to its...

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