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Carole E. Allen, M.D., FAAP, Boston Herald, investing in early education.

Susan Blank, M.D., FAAP, Washington Post, debate over circumcision.

Rebecca A. Demorest, M.D., FAAP, Sacramento (Calif.) Press, safety precautions for young athletes.

Douglas S. Diekema, M.D., FAAP, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Palm Beach Post, U.S. News & World Report, debate over circumcision.

Shelly V. Flais, M.D., FAAP, Herald-News (Joliet, Ill.), pediatrician/mom writes books on raising twins.

Jamie A. Freishtat, M.D., FAAP, MSNBC, phone application translates babies’ cries.

Beth E. Harvey, M.D., FAAP, National Public Radio, access to childhood vaccines.

Sandra G. Hassink, M.D., FAAP, Washington Post, USA Today, obesity screening and treatment.

David W. Kimberlin, M.D., FAAP, Birmingham (Ala.) News, revamping 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccination guidelines.

Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D., FAAP, MSN Health & Fitness, benefits of breastfeeding.

Teri M. McCambridge, M.D., FAAP...

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