Pediatrics is looking to fill eight three-year positions on its Editorial Board with AAP members who have strong educational credentials and proven writing skills across all areas of pediatric practice. Applicants with interest or expertise in general pediatrics, quality improvement, informatics, neonatology, translational research, obesity, behavioral and developmental pediatrics, genetics, hospitalist medicine, oral health, gastrointestinal/nutrition and critical care are particularly encouraged to submit an application.

A description of Editorial Board responsibilities is available on the Pediatrics website at

To obtain application materials, submit completed forms or request information, contact Dan Mack in the AAP Division of Scholarly Journals and Professional Periodicals at, or call 800-433-9016, ext. 7909. Nominees must submit completed forms electronically by 4:30 p.m. (CDT), Friday, June 25. Attachments should be submitted in MS Word, RTF or PDF format. Mailed or faxed forms will not be accepted.

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