Like perhaps many pediatricians, Russell Britton, M.D., was uncertain of the value of participating in the new Part 4 activities required for his Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

“My initial expectation was that in the midst of all the other encroachments on my ever-dwindling time, this was going to be a waste of time that was simply something I had to get through to meet my Part 4 requirement. I also thought I was already doing pretty well with my hand-washing compliance,” said Dr. Britton, from Maine Medical Partners Pediatrics in South Portland, Maine.

After completing his Part 4 activity, however, Dr. Britton concluded that the process was valuable. “I found the time commitment to be quite minimal, and it was also extremely helpful to actually see the results of that data. It also made me more cognizant of my own practices and how our clients assessed our hand-washing compliance.”


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