For pediatric practices to stay viable, effective practice management is essential, particularly in promoting coverage and payment for pediatric services. The AAP Puerto Rico Chapter’s pediatric council has found a successful strategy to alleviate coverage and payment issues pediatricians often experience with insurance companies. The strategy is called “we-win” and involves insurance companies, the government, the pharmaceutical industry and pediatricians.

Typically, one of several outcomes occurs during a negotiation or problem-solving discussion when two parties oppose each other: the win-lose situation in which one group gets what it wants at the expense of the other party; the win-win situation, the desirable outcome of any discussion in which both parties get something; and the lose-lose situation, also known as a stalemate, which occurs far more often than is acknowledged and is to no one’s gain.

The Puerto Rico Chapter pediatric council uses the we-win approach in which a third party with...

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