Editor’s note: In this monthly column, members share a first-hand experience using technology, such as software, program, app, widget, etc., to help improve patient care or practice management. If you have a Tech Tip to share with AAP News readers, e-mail submissions of 250 words or less to Jennifer Mansour at jmansour@aap.org.

Easily recording specifics of parent and baby visits while rounding at the hospital has always been a challenge for me. Until recently, I had no easy way to remember patient-specific demographic and clinical points as I moved from room to room.

I found a solution by creating an app for my smartphone — a database that I could customize with drop-down choices or fill-in fields. HanDBase from DDH Software is a relational database manager that offers data entry, searching, sorting and printing, and allows users to access downloadable templates and customize them to suit their needs.


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