The Social Security Administration (SSA) has added 12 life-threatening diagnoses to the Compassionate Allowances Program list, allowing individuals who suffer from these conditions to receive disability benefits quickly.

All of the diagnoses added on July 14 are cardiovascular conditions. These include Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, other valvar atresias and Eisenmenger syndrome. The Compassionate Allowances also apply to patients on the heart transplant waiting lists as status IA or IB, transplant patients with graft failure and patients with left ventricular assist devices.

The entire list includes 100 diagnoses, the majority of which affect children. The list encompasses a range of medical conditions, such as genetic disorders, inclusion diseases, cancers and metabolic disorders.

The Compassionate Allowances initiative was established in October 2008 to address the significant backlog of disability claims and to dramatically reduce the time and burden when applying for benefits. In the past, it could take months before a patient...

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