Most pediatricians discuss seatbelt use and alcohol and drug use with their adolescent patients. However, many other important risk factors for crashes among teen drivers are addressed less frequently, according to a recently published article reporting results from an AAP Periodic Survey of Fellows (Weiss JC, et al. Injury Prevention. 2011, doi:10.1136/ip.2010.031112).

Survey respondents were asked to indicate how often they discussed 17 teen driving topics with adolescents at or near driving age. Overall, 89% of pediatricians reported discussing at least some driving related topics with their adolescent patients; however, the scope of counseling was limited.

Seatbelts and alcohol use were “almost always” or “often” discussed by 87% and 82% of pediatricians, respectively. Less frequently discussed were cell phone use while driving (47%) and speeding (43%). The dangers of driving with teen passengers and night driving, both risk factors for novice driver crashes, were discussed by 41% and...

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