Last month, the world’s leading pediatricians gathered in Melbourne, Australia, to address key child health issues, share information and mobilize for advocacy. I was one of the 2,800 who attended — listening to presentations by some of the world’s most renowned researchers and having the honor of being one of the speakers to represent the AAP.

It was truly inspiring to learn how pediatricians from around the world assess and develop solutions to close child health gaps in their countries. Also inspiring was how much these societies rely on the AAP for our policy statements, clinical guidelines, textbooks, publications and educational materials — many of which sold out at the meeting.

One of our most successful programs, the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, is both a sought-after manual and hands-on learning experience. Since introduced 24 years ago, more than 3 million pediatricians worldwide have been trained in the latest evidence-based neonatal resuscitation...

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