Children don’t “get used to” violence and neither should we, says Dr. David Schonfeld. #AAP13

Lively debate between Dr. Susan Swedo & Dr. Donald Gilbert on PANDAS & strep at Pro/Con session. #AAP13

The only place some kids see the right portion and proportion of food is through their school meal program, said Dr. Robert Murray. #AAP13

Time to retire after concussions? Consider number, duration & effects of injury, sports played, positions played, long-term goals #AAP13

Mark Halstead, M.D., in plenary talk on concussions, says cheerleaders often receive more pressure to return to play than football #AAP13

Academy will press on with efforts to prevent gun violence despite Congress’ inaction, says AAP President Tom McInerny, M.D., FAAP. #AAP13

Packed ballroom taking in the latest on early brain-child development at Peds21. #AAP13

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