To boost patient satisfaction, pediatricians should forgo surveys and “check your fan mail,” according to Fred Lee, who delivered the keynote address at the AAP National Conference & Exhibition Plenary on Oct. 26.

Fred Lee, the keynote speaker at the National Conference & Exhibition Plenary session Oct. 26 in Orlando, said pediatricians can increase patient satisfaction by focusing on compassion, helpfulness and kindness.

Lee’s unique background includes roles as senior vice president at a major medical center, a cast member at Disney University and author of the health care management book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9½ Things You Would Do Differently.

“We are in the same sector as Disney, meeting a different emotional need,” Lee said during his presentation, “Learning from Disney: Going from Good to Great in Patient Perceptions.” Disney is meeting the emotional needs of a family to have fun together. Health care is meeting emotional...

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