AAP members featured in the media

Space restrictions prohibit listing everyone.

Grant R. Allen, M.D., FAAP, Times Daily (Florence, Ala.), benefits of the Head Start program.

Cora Collette Breuner, M.D., FAAP, USA Today, debate over making Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive available to young girls without a prescription.

Ari Brown, M.D., FAAP, USA Today, lack of parental concern over children’s screen time.

Nicole Castonguay, M.D., FAAP, Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.), investing in children’s health programs.

Gary A. Emmett, M.D., FAAP, and Harvey N. Karp, M.D., FAAP, Philadelphia Inquirer, debate over whether to swaddle young babies.

Alanna E. Levine, M.D., FAAP, Wall Street Journal, knowing when to find a new doctor.

Thomas K. McInerny, M.D., FAAP, AAP president, Washington Post, “NBC News,” emergency contraception.

James M. Perrin, M.D., FAAP, AAP president-elect, US News & World Report, ranking...

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