AAP members featured in the media

Space restrictions prohibit listing everyone.

Henry H. Bernstein, D.O., FAAP, “NBC News,” Wall Street Journal, flu vaccine supplies.

Michael T. Brady, M.D., FAAP, Buffalo (N.Y) News, how to alleviate fears about vaccines.

Stephen R. Cook, M.D., FAAP, Reuters Health, Huffington Post, association between antibiotic use in infancy and childhood obesity.

Sarah A. Denny, M.D., FAAP, Cleveland Plain Dealer, dangers of liquids in e-cigarettes.

Pamela C. High, M.D., FAAP, New York Times, studies on how reading to a child from an electronic device affects comprehension.

Kathleen A. Neville, M.D., FAAP, Scientific American, dearth of drugs approved for pediatric use.

Mary A. Ott, M.D., FAAP, “ABC News,” Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.), hormonal birth control.

Judith A. Owens, M.D., FAAP, New York Times, importance of sleep.

Mobeen H. Rathore, M.D., FAAP, Atlanta Journal-Constitution...

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