Only one-third of pediatricians who offer immunizations are very familiar with regulations requiring them to give patients a Vaccine Information Statement prior to every dose of vaccine administered, according to results of an AAP Periodic Survey of Fellows. Approximately 50% of survey respondents said they have some general understanding of the regulations, and 19% indicated little or no familiarity with the regulations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) develops Vaccine Information Statements to inform vaccine recipients or their parents or legal representatives about the benefits and risks of the vaccines they are receiving.

In the 1970s, lawsuits were filed against pediatricians and vaccine manufacturers for alleged damages due to the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccine. These lawsuits threatened to make vaccine manufacturing too costly to continue. In response to this threat and to recognize that vaccines are necessary to keep children safe from deadly diseases, the National Vaccine Childhood...

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