Through social media sites, television programs, smartphones and other hand-held electronic devices, children have an almost constant exposure to media. Excessive media use has been implicated in a variety of children’s health issues, including obesity, sleep problems, aggressive behavior and language delays.

The new AAP online course, Media: Wired Kids and Your Practice, delivers information and strategies that can help pediatricians reduce these risks via assessing and counseling families about age-appropriate media use.

The course begins with a comprehensive, evidence-based summary of the growing role and impact of media use on the health of infants, children and adolescents, including the impact of “screen time” on infant and toddler brain development. Learn tactics for media use screening and strategies to guide families on online safety. Case studies illustrate how to apply these screening and guiding techniques in practice.

Available in PediaLink, the AAP Online Learning Center, the course takes about two...

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