Lauren Farber, M.D., FAAP, of Wellesley, Mass., died Nov. 18 at age 47 following a long illness.

Isaac Hargett, M.D., FAAP, of Evansville, Ind., died July 30 at age 77.

Paul B. Koehler, M.D., FAAP, of Newbury, N.H., died Oct. 9 at age 88.

Eugene F. Luckstead, M.D., FAAP, of Amarillo, Texas, died Dec. 17 at age 75.

Albert L. Pizzica, D.O., FAAP, of Wayne, Pa., died Dec. 14 at age 65.

Sara Susmano, M.D., FAAP, of Chicago, died Oct. 9 at age 77.

Linda C. Wilcox, M.D., FAAP, of Eagle Creek, Ore., died Oct. 7 at age 75.

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