Pediatrics and especially the Academy long ago pioneered the concept of the medical home. With visionary leadership from Calvin C.J. Sia, M.D., FAAP, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and other great innovators, the AAP developed the medical home concept in the 1960s and pursued it vigorously for decades. In the past several years, other primary care groups took on the medical home concept, leading to the 2007 joint statement on the patient-centered medical home.

The Academy has long taken a broader view, emphasizing the family-centered medical home, given the prominent role of families and communities in the growth and development of children.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes substantial support for the medical home, emphasizing ways to improve care for most Americans, including those with chronic health conditions. ACA provisions include new payment arrangements to enhance comprehensive primary care with care coordinators and community navigators. The family-centered medical home...

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