For 10 years, the AAP Friends of Children Fund Healthy People 2020 Grant Program for Chapters has provided much-needed support to help chapters accomplish their missions at the state and community levels as well as address priorities identified in the AAP Agenda for Children.

Grants to chapters from the AAP Friends of Children Fund over the last decade have helped underwrite initiatives tied to objectives of Healthy People 2020. Programs, many still active, tackle issues such as teen health, suicide, gun violence, dental care and poverty.

From 2004-’13, 48 grants of $20,000 each were awarded to 29 chapters in all 10 districts. The grants were used to develop innovative programs to accomplish one or more of the pediatric objectives outlined in Healthy People 2020 — a nationwide health promotion and disease prevention agenda for improving the health of all Americans. For the last three decades, this initiative has highlighted emerging...

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